At Bimba’s Cakes we have a special area where we do workshops designed by us, as well as those which you can organize and personalize to your liking. Our passion is also to teach the art of making and decorating cupcakes, cookies and everything sweet.

We also have a cupcake workshop in English! All the activity is done in English with a native tongue teacher.

Do not miss any of our workshops… You’ll love them!

The one we enjoy the most is our birthday workshop! Come celebrate your birthday with us. You and your guests will be the real stars for approximately an hour and a half. In our cupcake workshop you will have the opportunity to create and design your very own cupcakes (mixing all the ingredients, seeing how they are baked and preparing the frostings).

If you prefer, you can also decorate themed cookies designed especially for your occasion. With both options, we will create memories of your special day and to make the day even more special, you can end the party with a customized cake, which can be eaten before opening the gifts.

For those weeks of school vacation, we have intensive workshops of 3-4 days (3,5 hours each day), where we make cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, brownies, fondant figures and do scrapbooking activity.