When the time comes to think about the communion of your child and after such a big and hard preparation, you and your family want it to be a special day for the little one in the house.

What better way to finish the nice ceremony and family meal than with a wonderful cake or sweet table to satisfy the sweet tooth, designed and created especially for the honoured guest.

Our cookies and cake pops can easily compliment your event, making it original and unforgettable.

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The Star of the Communion

A communion is the celebration where they are already aware that they are the star and want to decide what they would like to do for this day. They have already chosen what they will wear, how they will comb their hair, where they would like to celebrate and the final touch at the end…how to sweeten the communion.

In our workplace, we will have an appointment with you and the star of the day, to listen to his or her wishes. During this meeting, we will make a budget customizing every detail, either just for the cake, the sweet table or both.