What can we say about cake pops… those delicious little sponge cake balls! They are even better and richer when wrapped in the finest black or white chocolate.

A thousand flavours… a thousand decorations… and always presented on a stick!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for your most daring combination!!

Orange sponge cake with black chocolate

Vanilla sponge cake with black chocolate

Coffee sponge cake with white chocolate

Raspberry sponge cake with white chocolate

This season’s new cake pops!

Rose sponge cake with white chocolate

Coconut sponge cake with black chocolate

Select your option and place your order!

Cake pops can be used, not only to sweeten your sweet table, but also as the unique favour of a communion or baptism, or an original place card for your wedding.

Unlike traditional cake pops, ours are not an overload of sugar, because we do not mix the sponge cake with buttercream or ganache to make the balls; our cake pops are only a delicious sponge cake, covered with the finest quality of chocolate to enhance the combination that you have chosen.

The whole process ends with personalized decorations, be it with sprinkles (colored sugar) or fondant decorations.