Count on Bimba’s Cakes for that special and sweet baptism where family, friends and colleagues come together.

This is a day where you want everything about the love and sweetness for your child to surround him or her.

We will help you make this wonderful day unique and exclusive by preparing a cake with colours that represent you, and creating a sweet table full of small delights personalized with the name of the baby.

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Celebrations for Babies

Although we have focused on baptisms, we also organize babyshowers, a celebration that is done before the birth of a baby, where gifts are given to the mother-to-be and her passage into motherhood is celebrated.

What better way to celebrate all of this than with personalized sweets, whether it’s a cake or a sweet table.

As there are different lifestyles, there are those who decide to celebrate the first year of their baby’s life in a particular way, such as with a beautiful cake and the number 1 on top, surrounded by their beloved family and friends!