Our sweet tables delight the young and the old alike!

With our variety of handmade sweets, you can customize your table to the smallest detail:

dessert cups, cake pops, cookies, meringue kisses, cupcakesdonut skewers,

brownies, blondies, carrot cake bite-size squareschocolate moustaches and lips, macarons, etc.

For the finishing touch, your sweet table is completed with a variety of trinkets, acoording to your chosen theme and decoration.

Customized Sweet Tables

We invite you to come to our workplace to explain your ideas.

Share with us the pictures that have inspired your wedding, the details which

you would like to be present (invitation, centerpieces, etc.), and the hobbies

 you share. All of this, together with you, will help us make an outline

of your table and ensure that the perfect items have been chosen.